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As a consequence of satisfaction, you gain happiness. -Yoga Sutra 42 to Know God Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms - Have you ceased to wonder why you are feeling happy or content on any day or hour? The yogis gave a lot of thought to this. The writer quoted above happiness has two attributes: We become happier we live in the momentwith's depth no regrets of the past without the worry of the future. Patanjali, the father of yoga, says this is whatcontentment intended. The author notes there's also happiness which comes from the gratification of a desire. This could become vivid, but short lived as one desire's gratification contributes to the growth of another and so the time of enjoyment might end in anxiety.

Is: God is with us. By letting that love could be published at any moment. FREEDOM FROM THE PAST: Educating some women in Oklahoma City this weekend, so I asked them the way we become free? They knew the key was forgiveness. The Power of Forgiveness is HUGE. Nothing is different until you're. We talked Recognize, change, forgive, and acknowledge. We talked of to forgive ourself first or who's hurt uswe need to forgive ourself. It turns out forgiveness follows patterns of grief. Whenever you truly forgive someone, something within you dies.

What're the patterns? deny - blame - anger - reject\/accept - affair - depression - Denial may be a single of the biggest obstacles to forgiveness: I would hate to think I have not dealt with this or forgiven myself. Or there might be a remnant of pain, fear, or hurt we have to forgive. Blaming never works. Blaming others will come back to self blame. Then their blame screams: Its my fault! Next, comes the obstacle comes that feeling is a HUGE trap: Self Pity. This is huge because it's a real emotion. So it's negative and positive expression.

As a genuine feeling it means it's time to look after yourself. Pity is a way to find healing. Pity then lifts and heals. Avoid using self pity to punish yourself,-NEVER works. Pity is an anesthesia to numb out feeling and contributes to emotions of being a martyr. Stop it by choice. What's this about to you? To move off it ask the way do I look after myself? Put it in their framework of self love and self caring.






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